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2023 Tournament Results

2014 Tournament Results
323 Gold, 158 Silver & 175 Bronze.  15 Outstanding Awards
Fantastic Job!!!!!!!!!! 

2015 Tournament Results 349 Gold, 142 Silver & 121 Bronze. 33 Outstanding Awards
Unbelievable Year!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Tournament Results
304 Gold, 140 Silver & 127 Bronze.  20 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award
Spectacular Year!!!! 

2017 Tournament Results
21Tournaments 327 Gold, 130 Silver & 127 Bronze.  14 Outstanding Awards and $1200 Scholarship Award
Amazing Year!!!!!!

2018 Tournament Results
21 Tournaments 246 Gold, 162 Silver & 145 Bronze.  10 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award 
Awesome Year!!!!!!!

2019 Tournament Results
17 Tournaments 351 Gold, 150 Silver & 154 Bronze.  14 Outstanding Awards and $2200 Scholarship Award
Incredible Year!!!!!!

2020 Tournament Results
This year has been an unprecedented year Covid-19 changed the world.  Many lives were taken due to this virus.  A time for virtual learning.  A time to have Faith and spend more time with FAMILY.  I will forever be grateful for all the students and parents who supported me during these difficult times. God Bless and Love you all!  42 Gold, 13 Silver and 10 Bronze. 
1 Grand Championship.

2021 Tournament Results
This year we were blessed to be able to compete at 5 in person tournaments and 5 international virtual events.  Many of the students were still cautions and decided not to participate but for those who did compete they did Fantastic!  I am so proud of everyone. Our motto "Be Better Than you Were Yesterday" I promise next year we will be better than were this year!!!
This year's total 62 gold, 30 silver & 29 bronze and 1 outstanding award.  The IKF Journey continues.

2022 Tournament Results
It has been a very productive year coming back from the Covid pandemic, and I am very pleased with everyone's performance this year.  We had 2 athletes that competed internationally Mexico City for the Jr. Pan American Championships & Budapest, Hungary for the Shito-Ryu Cup.  This year's total 173 gold, 97 silver & 80 bronze.  6 outstanding awards and & $1,150 in Scholarship.  I am excited to see what 2023 has in stored for IKF!  Let's continue to Be Better than we Were Yesterday!