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2019 Tournament Results

USA Team Trials
3 students traveled to Colorado Spring to participate at the USA Team Trails at the Olympic Training Center.  Izumi Shimanouchi entered kata and Isaac Friend competed in -60 kg kumite.  They both captured a bronze medal.  Brian Hilliard gathered a silver medal in the -67kg kumite and earned a spot to compete at the Sr. Pan American championships in Chile.  There were a few mistakes but nothing that can not be corrected.  With more experience and practice WE will find the answer together.  Proud of you 3!!  Let's continue to be better than we were yesterday.  It is always a pleasure to travel to the Olympic Center and see that IKF made such a huge impact in the world of karate.  

First tournament of 2018 in the books.  The team traveled to Yuba City to compete at the West Coast Karate Championships on February 11, 2018.  When the dust cleared and everyone was done competing IKF gathered 14 gold, 10 silver & 6 bronze.  The team was lead by tiny but mighty Reiko Ujimori taking 3 gold medals in kata, weapons and kumite.  Brandon Ujimori and Izel Castillo did a awesome job coaching all the students.  Without your guidance and help they would not have done so well.  Thank you parents for your cheering and support.  Great start but we need to make adjustments and correct a few areas so that we can become better the next event.  The journey continues.   So proud of you ALL!  IKF BOOM

  Irvine Karate Classic
Brandon Ujimori and Kevin Deloso travelled to Southern California to compete at the Irvine Karate Classic on February 18, 2017.  Brandon walked away with 2 golds medals and a sponsorship from Punok!  Kevin came up short taking a silver in kumite.  This trip with the 2 stooges was classic.  Lets continue to improve on this journey.  Great Job boys!!!!!

41st International Goodwill Karate Championships
Brian Hilliard competes at Sensei Demura's International Goodwill Karate Championships in Orange County, Los Angeles.  He takes home the gold in Men;s Kumite.  Great Job.  Keep working hard and be better than you were yesterday.

Spring Classic
AAU Spring Classic was another HUGE success.  Tournament was held at Jose Rizal Community Center on March 3, 2018.  We did it together.  Got into the gym at 9:00am to set up 2 rings, snack bar, registration and the door opened at 9:30.  UNBELIEVABLE!   Thank you parents who helped with the various areas of the tournament.  You guys are the "BEST".  The tournament was lead by Kevin Deloso who captured 4 gold medals and Izel Castillo came away with 3 gold.  The IKF students took home 38 Gold, 25 Silver & 33 Bronze.  A total of 93 medals.  You guys & gals ROCK!  So proud of you ALL!  Keep up the great work.  Next IKF tournament is June 9, 2018.  That's the BIG ONE.  Continue to be better than you were yesterday.

4 students traveled to Portland, Oregon to compete at the 32nd Yoshida Cup on March 17-18, 2018.  The tournament was filled with excitement, nerves, learning experiences and life learning skills.  We had the opportunity to meet former Japan's WKF World Champions. Let's not forget lots of Laughs!!!!!  I got a chance to practice my ironing skills.  We had a chance to have dinner with students from IKF Kitsap. Izel and Brandon captured gold in kata against a fierce competition along with $300 each in scholarship funds.  Ana and Catalina did awesome competing against black belts.  The team came home with 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze and some famous Yoshida Teriyaki Sauce & $600 bucks.  So proud of everyone.  The journey continues with IKF.  Keep pushing your limits.  

A small group of IKF athletes traveled over the San Francisco Bay bridge to compete at the AMAS Karate Championships on March 25, 2018.  The team walked away with 2 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals.  A total of 11 medals.  Edmond Zhou took gold in kata and Sean Whitfield captured a gold medal over Koji Fidel in kumite.  My 2 fierce little girls Emma and Alexis took home 2 silver medals each.  The team was coached by Brandon Ujimori who did a great job.  

Jr. International, Ozawa Cup & US Open
IKF takes Las Vegas by storm.  3 tournaments in 3 days Junior International Cup, Ozawa Cup and US Open.  I am so proud of all the students for their accomplishments.  Their hard work and commitment paid off.  They were AMAZING!  A big thank you to Sensei Branden Clary coming from Los Angeles and Sensei Chelcie for spending her Spring Break and helping coach all the students.  I couldn't have done it without both of you.  It was great to see IKF Hawaii there too.  Thank you Sensei George for your help and encouragement this past weekend. The IKF students hit the jackpot taking home 16 gold, 11 silver & 17 bronze.  Total 44 medals. Fantastic.  Edmond Zhou was the big winner claiming 3 gold medal and 1 bronze. The highlight of the tournament I must say was Kevin Deloso winning a gold medal in kumite.  His battle in the ring, but more importantly his struggle outside the ring demonstrates the true character of a CHAMPION.  Thank you parents for your ongoing support and dedication.  I am truly blessed to have wonderful parents and outstanding students.  The journey continues.  

IKF Boom!  27 Gold, 14 Silver and 10 Bronze.  IKF Team was led by Edmond Zhou and Javon Ott taking 3 gold medals each.  Izel Castillo and Kevin Deloso walked away with 2 gold and 1 silver.  Awesome job everyone.  So proud of you ALL.  Shout out to our coaches Brandon, Izel, Kevin and Grant working hard getting all the students ready and giving them great advice.  Our referee crew Hilliard, Shimanouchi & Friend were da bomb today  Thank you again parents who helped with the tables.  You women are the BEST!
The road to nationals continues and the journey together is priceless.  Back to the dojo on Monday and let's work to be better than we were today.

Okaigan Karate Championships
12 students traveled to San Jose to compete at the Okaigan Karate Championships on May 6,2018.  Javon Ott captured ALL gold!  The team overall earned 10 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze,  Awesome Job.  A big thank you to Kevin Deloso who helped coach the students.  Sensei Brian and Isaac handled all the officiating.  

ISF Gymnasiade High School Games
The ISF High School Games were held in Marakesh, Morocco.  7 athletes from the United States participated.  59 different countries and 4,000 athletes from all different sports gathered.  The opening ceremonies was fantastic to witness.  Izel Castillo was chosen as a female athlete to march holding the USA Flag.  It was incredible.   The competition started May 4-5.  Words cant express how proud I am of Izel and Brandon who were the only athletes to stand on the podium.  They both represented USA and IKF proudly.  Izel captured a bronze in kata.  Brandon was the only athlete in the tournament to earn 2 medals.  Bronze in kata and a silver in kumite.  The USA/AAU team not only did they gain valuable experience from competition but learned about the life style and culture of Morocco.  The view and sites were beautiful and breath taking.  We had FUN!  ATV was a blast, Camel ride was interesting and the hike was amazing.  The journey continues with IKF!

25th Annual Sacramento Karate Championships
June 9, 2012 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Sacramento Karate Championships!  Always the busiest week of the year but most fulfilling!  This would not have been possible without all the IKF students and parents who continue to work countless hours before and during the event.  It's been 25 years since we moved to Sacramento and we are so blessed to have met so many amazing families that have become part of the IKF Family.  Thank you Gino Bough for coordinating the photo book it was beautiful to read every ones message.  I truly appreciate it.  Love you all!!!  Until next year...…  The students did fantastic.  59 gold, 38 silver & 38 bronze.  8 Outstanding and 6 Scholarship Awards.  

XXXII Sr. Pan American Championships
24 USA athletes traveled to Santiago, Chile to compete at the Sr. Pan American Championships on June 14-17, 2018. It was cold as ice in the venue but the USA team stuck together and competed with passion.  It's been a long time since the USA dominated this event.  USA placed first in the Overall Team Standing.  Brian Hilliard captured a silver medal in the Men's Team Kumite.  

6 IKF students travel to sunny city Ft. Laurderdale, Florida to compete at the 2018 AAU National Karate Championships.  Tournament started June 27-30.  I was able to spend my birthday with my students which made my trip worth it!! Seraphine Wingwood lead the team with 5 gold and 1 silver medal.  With hard work, sacrifice, dedication and commitment the team came away with 17 gold, 11 silver and 2 bronze.  Total 30 medals!!!  So proud of everyone.  Isaac and Izel coached the team as well as helped with the IKF Hawaii group.  They worked hard all week.  Thank you parents for your support and cheering but most importantly keeping our bellies full.  10 IKF Hawaii students walked away with 20 gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze.  We were able to meet some of the greatest instructors at this event.  Between them all there was over 300-400 years of karate experience.  After the tournament we all needed a break.  Sunshine, beach, alligator hunting and zzzzzzzzz.  The journey continues.  Let's work to be better than we were yesterday.  IKF is flying high!!!

IKF students travel over the summit tom compete at the NKF National Karate Championships in Reno, Nevada.  4 days of fierce competition.  Not only did our students work hard for their medals but our parents worked the tables during the competition.  it was really a team effort this past weekend.  After the dust cleared IKF students came home with 10 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze medals.  Izel and Brandon made the USA Jr. National team that will be heading Brazil for the Pan American Championships. It was awesome to practice and compete along with IKF Hawaii.  They did GREAT!!!!  Double gold winners were Reiko, Edmond & Sean.  Cesar performed like a trooper moving up an age group because there was no athlete in his own division.  It didn't stop him from earning 3 medals in the 9yr, boys advance division.  Thank you coaches and Jr. Black Belts for helping with all the students warming up and preparing them for competition.  To all the parents thank you so much for all your help and support over the past 3 months.  Win or Lose I am so proud of you ALL!  Let's learn from our mistakes and move forward together and lets find a way to get better together!  

Junior Pan American Championships
Brandon Ujimori and Izel Castillo travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to compete in the XXlX Jr. Pan American Championships on Aungust 22-25, 2018.  Brandon with his hard work comes home with a bronze medal in kata.  Izel who participated in kata and kumite but came up short in both events.  IKF Hawaii Taylor Chung also represented the USA.  Their hard work and commitment has been truly inspiring to all the students in the dojo.  I am so proud of them both!

45th Annual Fiestas Karate Championships
Only 1 student who was brave enough to compete in Los Angeles on September 16, 2018 Adam Maldonado.  He did AWESOME!  Gold in weapons and silver in kata.  Great Job representing IKF Sacramento.  Keep up the great work.  Improving each and everyday.

Fall Classic
IKF marched their way to Yuba City to compete at the Fall Classic on October 7, 2018.  With their hard work, determination and heart they come home with 23 gold, 8 silver & 8 bronze.  Outstanding!!!  Cesar Castillo and Edmond Zhuo lead the team with 3 gold medals each.  Big shout out to our amazing coaches Izel and Brandon doing a great job!  Thank you Isaac and Izumi for officiating.  To our supportive and awesome parents thank you for cheering our kids win or lose.  The IKF journey continues.

17th Annual Ryukyukan International
Last Northern California tournament of 2018 and all the IKF students were "Amazing".  December 3, 2018 was not only a beautiful day but a day where all the students competed with Passion, Determination and Heart.  Ending the day with 16 gold, 14 silver & 4 bronze.  Isaac Friend and Kevin Deloso both walked away with all gold medals.  A big thank you to all the parents for cheering and for your ongoing support.  You should all be proud of your kids.  The Holiday Season is fast approaching and for everyone to relax and reflect on a Fantastic year.  The IKF journey continues.  I am excited to see what 2019 brings!

59th All-Hawaii International Karate-Do Championships
All-Hawaii is where it all started for me and now my students have the opportunity to compete at this event.  The tournament was held at Moana Gym on November 18, 2018.  The tournament was filled with excitement and loaded with fierce competitors.  Isaac Friend walked away winning the Men's kata and kumite division.  He was also named the most outstanding male kata and kumite competitor.  Isaac learned a valuable lesson which is talent alone is not enough, you need conditioning and heart to become a champion.  Congratulations! He represented IKF Sacramento proudly.   LIfe learned lessons & the IKF journey continues.
"Zack Ernst Karate Championships"
Last travelling trip to the windy city or shall I say the chilly city.   Edmond, Koji, Sean, Kevin and I bundled up and attacked the cold weather head on.  Participated at the "Zack Ernst Memorial Tournament in Chicago on December 9, 2018.  We also went to see an NFL game at Soldiers Field LA Rams vs Chicago Bears.

2014 Tournament Results
323 Gold, 158 Silver & 175 Bronze.  15 Outstanding Awards
Fantastic Job!!!!!!!!!! 

2015 Tournament Results
349 Gold, 142 Silver & 121 Bronze. 33 Outstanding Awards
Unbelievable Year!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Tournament Results
304 Gold, 140 Silver & 127 Bronze.  20 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award
Spectacular Year!!!! 

2017 Tournament Results
21Tournaments 327 Gold, 130 Silver & 127 Bronze.  14 Outstanding Awards and $1200 Scholarship Award
Amazing Year!!!!!!

2018 Tournament Results
20 Tournaments 242 Gold, 160 Silver & 145 Bronze.  10 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award 
Awesome Year!!!!!!!