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2017 Tournament Results

USA Team Trials

IKF flying like an eagle.  2 students travel to Denver, Colorado and compete at the USA Olympic Center.  Competition was on January 14, 2017 that started at 9:00am Sharp!  Brian Hilliard takes gold in -67kilo and Izumi Shimanouchi claims bronze in female kata.  It just the beginning but we are off to a terrific start.   

USA West Coast Shotokan Karate Championships
IKF travels to Yuba City to compete at the West Coast Karate Championships on February 19, 2017.  A team of 18 students captured 28 Gold, 10 Silver & 6 Bronze totally 44 medals.  GREAT JOB!!!!  There were 3 major reasons why the team did outstanding. #1 Amazing coaching from Chelcie, Izel and Myles. #2 Superb officiating by Brian Hilliard and Isaac Friend and #3 The Best supporting crew ever the parents. Overall fantastic Team-Work.  It is still early in the year but we are heading into the right direction.  Keep it going.

AAU Spring Classic
The AAU Spring Classic was held at Jose Rizal Community Center on March 4, 2017.  Over 110 competitor filled the competition area.  The day was quick and ran smoothly with the help of our awesome parents and outstanding IKF Black belts.  I wanted to thank the other schools for your support in making the tournament exciting.  The IKF students were amazing capturing 36 Gold, 27 Bronze and 31 Silver.  Total 99 medals.  All students who participated will have the opportunity to compete at the AAU International Karate Championships that will be in June in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Keep up the great work and continue to improve and be better than you were yesterday. 

USANKF National Qualifier
9 students head to Yuba City on March 19, 2017 to qualify to compete at the USA Team Trials in South Carolina in July.  IKF Boom with 17 gold, 3 silver & 3 bronze.  Total 23 medals.  Fantastic job today.  Never look behind you, just see how far you have grown and improved.  Continue to grow and improve in everything you do.  Shout out to our athletes who took home 3 gold medals each Micosse Monton, Izel Castillo, Brandon and Reiko Ujimori.  I am so proud of you ALL!!!! 

AMAS Karate Championships
8 IKF athletes head to San Francisco to compete at the AMAS Karate Championships on March 19, 2017.  I wanted to thank Sensei Branden Clary for giving up his Sunday to help coach and watch over the students.  The IKF team came home with some bling!!  9 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.  Total 14 medals.  Outstanding Job!!   Sensei Branden Clary mentioned that he was proud of everyone but especially impressed with Adam Maldonado competing against 30 competitors and for Anna and Catalina Voicu being bumped up into the intermediate division and taking care of business.  The work continues along with the journey.  Keep looking forward. 

New York International
5 students head to New York for their first real test against competitors from around the United States as well and international competitors.  800 competitors and 10rings.  March 25, 2017 New York City here comes IKF!!!.  IKF students take a bite out of the Big Apple coming home with 4 gold, 2 silver & 3 bronze along with $275.  Describe the tournament in one word "Crazy".  They all gained experience, they learned what they need to improve on in order to get better.  More importantly they all competed "GREAT".  Very proud of them all!!! We had a great time hanging out with our very own tour guide Gabriela Llarena. Where did we go you ask?  Check it out for your self.

8th Miya Kalai Cup
On April 7-9, 2017 3 students put on their cowboy hats on and traveled to Dallas to compete at the Miya Kalai Cup. Jvon Ott, Kevin Deloso and Isaac Friend competed against the best from Dallas, Texas.  On Friday April 7th Sensei John conducted a kumite seminar for over 40 interested athletes.  The IKF Cowboys did awesome 5 gold and Isaac Friend was named the Most Outstanding Male Competitor.  Just wanted to mention that Javon's Aunty treated us to a home cook meal after the tournament and it was delicious. The journey continues to be better than you were yesterday.

2 IKF warriors traveled to Chico and represented our school with pride.  April 8, 2017 Grant Onishi and Koji Fidel captured 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.  A big thank you to Coach Grant Onishi who helped koji during day.  They both competed without a IKF black belt or coach.  They are growing up so fast.  They are becoming independent!!!  Great Job!!!

US Junior Olympics, Ozawa Cup & US Open
3 exciting and challenging tournaments in 3 days. 20 IKF students tested their skills among the best athletes from around the country and from abroad.  The tournaments were held at the Rio Hotel and at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  Competition started Friday April 14-16, 2017. This weekend was wild we had our low and high moments throughout this weekend.  After all the cheering, lectures, laughs and tears the kids did their best win or lose.  Very proud of them all.  We worked and supported each other.  Thank you parents for your ongoing support and help.  The Jackpot of the trip was to witness how to compete with Passion, Determination, Heart by Sensei Branden Clary.  The Purpose was clear in his mind and in his action is to not fail in front of all the students.  Without practice just compete with HEART says it all.  It was a epic moment for everyone to witness.  His presentation and speech earlier this year to all the competition team members and having the opportunity to display it was simply INCREDIABLE!!!  This will be a story that your kids will tell one day to all the beginner students when they become the future of IKF.  What a emotional and magical ending at the Ozawa Cup.  Big thanks to Chelcie Limcaco for spending her spring break help coaching this weekend.  I don't think I could have handle the team without her.  Thank you Chelsey Elkik for the special trip to support the team.  Love you 2!!! Medal count for this weekend 22 gold 8 silver & 12 bronze.  Awesome Job!!!  The real work begins NOW!!!!


High Performance Karate Camp and AAU State Qualifier
April 20-23, 2017 Chicago held a high performance karate camp for all interested athletes who has hopes to pursue international competition.  Isaac Friend participated in this event.  It was a long, busy and productive weekend.  Isaac did outstanding.  Gold in Men's kata and Silver in 16-17 kata and gold in kumite.  33 athletes participated in the Performance Camp that started on Thursday April 21 with Nutrition, Physical/Weight Training program and Mental Toughness.  On Friday Kumite session, part #2 nutrition and Sports Psychology.  Saturday Physical assessment, weight training, kumite and kata training.  Sunday kata and kumite match play.  Once it was over we had time to relax and see a movie and see downtown Chicago. 

Northern California Karate Championships
IKF students heads to San Jose May 7, 2017.  Another tournament to test and make the necessary adjustments to their performance.  Team did amazing taking home some serious hardware 24 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze.  They did it without any adult black belt present.  A huge thank you to our outstanding coaches Myles, Izel, Brandon and Micosse.  Thank you parents for your ongoing support.  IKF Boom!!!!  The journey continues.....

24th Annual Sacramento Karate Championships
It has been 24 years and each year the tournament has been a blessing.  This event would not have been possible without ALL the IKF students and parents past and present working together to make this tournament the BEST in Northern California. Just wanted to thank everyone for their support, sacrifice and commitment.  I am truly blessed to have such a great supporting cast.  There no school that has a better IKF Booster Club than IKF.  You guys are the BOMB!  As for all the students you competed with a Purpose, Determination and with Heart.  You are the BEST!!  IKF captured 67 Gold, 28 Silver and 30 Bronze.  9 Students was named "Most Outstanding Competitor and 7 students earned Scholarship Awards.  Overall the tournament was a huge success.  Thank you!!!  Next year will be our 25th Anniversary. 

AAU National Karate Championships
13 students travelled to Raleigh, North Carolina to compete at the AAU National Karate Championships.  Tournament started on June 29 thru July 2.  Over 2000 competitors from around the United States participated.   Day #1 the team earned 17 gold 1 silver and 1 bronze.  Day #2 they continued to dominate by taking 23 gold & 7 silver.  On the last day of competition  they walked away with 9 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze.   The youngest competitors was 7 yrs. old Koji Fidel and Adam Maldonado both capturing 3 gold medals each.  The team was lead by Myles Monton who earned an amazing 7 gold. 1 silver & 1 bronze.  Overall the IKF team was AWESOME taking home a total of 67 medals.  49 gold, 11 silver and 7 bronze medals.  A special thank you to the parents who cooked, drove and more importantly cheered for all the kids.  Thank you ALL.  The students were fantastic 3 months of preparation, sacrifice and commitment paid off at this event.  They all competed with a Purpose and with a lot of Heart.  Congratulations to everyone.  Really proud of you ALL!!!

USA Team Trails
6 students travelled to Greenville, South Carolina to compete at the USANKF National/Team Trials.  1700 competitors across the country gathered.  I am so proud of all the students they did their best and that's all I can ask from them.  In the end Myles Monton will represent the USA Jr. National team at the Pan American Championships in Argentina.  The other students came up 1 flag short in their categories.  The team captured 2 Silver & 7 Bronze.  IKF Hawaii did awesome.  2 students made the USA Team.  I know at that we are slightly disappointed in the results but use this experience to push yourself even further.  Thank you parents for your support and help.  You should be proud of your children they are the "Best".  Win or Lose you are still Champions!!!

12th Seiji Nishimura Matsuri Friendship Karate-Do Championships
4 athletes were selected from the AAU and Isaac Friend was one of those athletes and Sensei John was picked to coach the USA team.   IKF Hawaii Taylor Kaneshiro also was chosen to represent  team USA.  The team traveled to Fukuoka, Japan on September 13-19, 2017 to compete at the 12th Annual Seiji Nishimura Matsuri Karate Championships.  There were 1023 competitors.  Teams from Nepal, Senegal, Malaysia, France, Italy and athletes from all over Japan participated.  11 rings and over 100 officials.  The competition was fierce.  In the end USA gathered 1 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze.  Isaac Friend earned 1 silver in kata and 1 bronze  in team kumite.  Taylor capture gold in kata and silver in kumite.  The team had a great learning experience.  They also had the opportunity to train with former All-Japan Champions and World Champions, Sensei Murase and Uchida who i met over 35 years ago.  Surprising he still remembered me as a competitor.  The food was Awesome!!!!  Traditional Japanese dinner followed by a hot spring bath.  LIFE IS GOOD!  AAU/USA should be proud of these athletes!!!!  We also had time to tour the town and spend a day in Tokyo with Hideki Ishikawa and good friend Taka Koyama. Sayonara "Good Bye" for now until we come again.  Gambatte "Good Luck"

 Fiesta Tournament Los Angeles
A team of 6 athletes travelled to Los Angeles to compete at the Fiesta tournament on September 17, 2017.  Sensei Brian Hilliard and Branden Clary coached the team.   The 6 members came away with 2 gold, 3 silver & 3 bronze.  Thank you Branden Clary for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend the day with the students.  Izel Castillo lead the way by taking 1st in the Women's Kata and 16-17 Kata Divisions.  Great Job everyone!  Enjoy the journey...

Fall Classic Yuba City
IKF travels to Yuba City to compete at the Fall Classic in Yuba City October 1, 2017.  Fantastic Job today.  Team coming home with 19 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals.  Big WOW to Reiko Ujimori and Javon Ott taking 3 gold medals each.  A special thanks to our amazing coaches Izel Castillo and Myles Monton working hard all day to make sure that all the students do their best.  To the parents you guys are the Bomb,  Your ongoing support and cheering is The Best!!!~  The IKF journey continues.  

Ryukyukan Karate Championships

IKF was off again to compete at the last tournament in Northern California of 2017.  Ryukyukan Karate Championships in Dixon on November 4th was our destination.  11 students competed with Passion, Determination and Heart.  The team gathered 14 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze a total of 23 medals.  Brandon Ujimori did an amazing job coaching alone at this event.  Outstanding Job!  Koji Fidel (Yokuzuna) lead the team with 3 gold medals kata, kobudo and kumite.  Thank you parents for being the best cheering section and for your ongoing support.  The journey continues with only 2 more tournaments before 2017 comes I a so proud of you ALL.  


2014 Tournament Results
323 Gold, 158 Silver & 175 Bronze.  15 Outstanding Awards
Fantastic Job!!!!!!!!!! 

2015 Tournament Results
349 Gold, 142 Silver & 121 Bronze. 33 Outstanding Awards
Unbelievable Year!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Tournament Results
304 Gold, 140 Silver & 127 Bronze.  20 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award
Spectacular Year!!!!