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2022 Tournament Results

West Coast Championships
12 IKF students travelled to Yuba City to compete at the West Coast Championships in Yuba City on January 30, 2022.  I promised that we would be better than we were last year.  The students competed with a Purpose, Determination, Heart and they all had FUN.  At the end of the day IKF walked away with 21 gold, 5 silver & 4 bronze.  Outstanding!!!  Jayden Ho and Edmond Zhuo lead the team by capturing 3 gold medals each.  5yr. old Malakai Modellas entered his first tournament and destroyed his competition by wining 2 gold medals.  Fellow teammate Summer Zhuo, and Polina Pudova both also won 2 gold medals.  A big hand to the coaches who made this possible Sensei Chelcie and Senpai Koji Fidel.  Sensei Neil Estaris and Izel Castillo did an excellent job in officiating.  What a way to start the year let's continue to work hard to get better.  Parents you Rock!!!!  Thank you for your support.  IKF journey continues....

7 students & 4 parents travelled to Portland, Oregon to compete at the Saito-Cup on February 26, 2022. The competition was held at the Aviation Museum. It was super cool seeing all the fighter planes hanging over the rings while competition was going on. The IKF students brought their A Game this weekend. They walked away with 10 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals. Izel was amazing capturing 2 gold medals and received cash prize of $250.00 and did an excellent job coaching all the athletes. She was a busy bee! As for the students they were simply outstanding. Great job to Kaleo's and Jayden's first trip solo. Lots of room for improvement but i am very pleased and proud of all the students. Thank you, parents, for your support and cheering throughout the day. A big Thank you to my former student from Hawaii Kristopher Yamamoto who treated all the students to a steak dinner after the competition. The IKF journey continues.

SoCal Tournament
A team of 9 students travelled to Irvine to compete at the SoCal Invitationals on March 13, 2002. The drive down was long but the trip back to Sacramento was worth the journey. The students performed with a Purpose and Passion. After a very long day of competition the students earned 10 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze and more importantly they all learned tough lessons that will help them be better than they were at this event. The golden boy was Gavin Ho walking away with 3 gold medals. Thank you to Mrs. Ho for showing us where all the delicious restaurants to eat at. Thank you, parents for your support. You should all be proud of them. They Rocked the tournament! A special thanks to Koji Fidel who was not able to compete due to an injury was our professional video man who videoed all the students.

NorCal Karate Championships
Another tournament in the books for 2022. A team of 16 athletes travelled to Yuba City to compete at the NorCal Karate Championships on March 27, 2022. The team was led by the Zhuo Family Edmond and Summer both walked away with 3 gold medals each. The team captured 18 gold; 8 silver & 6 bronze. Outstanding Job!!! A huge thanks goes to our amazing coaches Chelcie Limcaco and Izel Castillo who handled the team like professionals in my absence. Thank you, parents, for your ongoing support. We need a shout out to our newest and youngest competitor Joey Liang who killed the competition by earning a gold medal in Kata and Kumite. Awesome! There are areas that we still need to improve to be better than we were at this event. Let's continue to work hard. The IKF journey continues.

Jr. International Championships, Ozawa Cup & US Open
A team of 13 students participated in 3 different tournaments in Las Vegas over the Easter weekend from April 15-18. Each day was long and exciting. Many ups and downs, wins and loses but in the end, they will remember the friendship, the bonding, laughs and tears they shared together. I was blessed and honored to conduct a kumite seminar Friday for 50 participants. It was a very busy weekend. Day 1 Jr. International Championships the team was on fire and after the flames settled, they walked away with 8 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze. Day 2 Ozawa Cup the team keep the fire burning hot and at the end of the day they earned 15 gold, 9 silver, 5 bronze & Izel won $200, and Edmond won $100. Day 3 US Open only 7 athletes competed, and Summer Zhuo was the only gold medalist that day, but the team did awesome ending the day with 1 gold, 2 silver & 3 bronze. Total medal count 24 gold, 16 silver, 11 bronze and $300 richer. Lots of learning lessons to be learned from these 3 events. Overall, very happy and proud of everyone. The parents get a gold medal for being the best supportive and best cheering group in Las Vegas. The journey continues.

29th Annual Sacramento Karate Championships
After 3 years we finally were able to hold our annual event. We did not lose a beat. 300 competitors, 35 officials and over 50 volunteers gathered on June 11, 2022. Tournament started exactly at 9:00am and the last whistle was blown at 4:45pm. Thank you all for your ongoing support. It was another outstanding event probably the best in California. IKF students lead the way by capturing 6 $100 scholarship awards, 6 outstanding trophies, 39 gold, 38 silver and 33 bronze medals. So proud of everyone. Let's continue to work TOGETHER to make it even better next year. It will be 30 years in the making. Let's make it special!!!!

2022 AAU Nationals
7 students travelled to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to compete at the AAU Nationals. The competition was from June 29-July 3rd. The team worked hard for months for this competition, and it showed. After the dust cleared and the cheering stopped the team is coming home with some serious hardware 21 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze. Outstanding Job! The team bonded like glue which is the most important secret in making a championship team. Congratulations to the IKF Hawaii and Long Beach, they did amazing. Hawaii earned 5 gold; 5 silver & 1 bronze. LA Long Beach walked away with 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. Thank you, parents, for all that you do, the support, the sacrifice, and the love that you have given to your children and towards me. Let's continue to work together to be better than we were Yesterday. #IKF4Life

2022 USANKF Nationals
A small group of 5 headed to Spokane, Washington to compete at the USANKF and Team Trails. They all represented IKF proudly taking home 4 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze. Cesar Castillo who has been working hard for this event for over a year made his dream come true by making the USA Jr. Team. Next stop Jr. Pan American championships in Mexico City in August. So proud of everyone. Giana Ott led the team by capturing 3 gold medals. Fantasitc!!!

WUKF World Championships
Reiko Ujimori was the only IKF student that represented us at the WUKF World Championships in Ft. Lauderdale. The 4-day competition started July 4-7 which gathered 35 different countries and over 1500 athletes. Reiko captured 4 gold medals at these championships. She competed with a Purpose, Determination and Heart. Congratulations!!!!!!

16 students made the trip to compete at the Fall Classic in Yuba City on October 2, 2022. I am so proud of ALL the students. They competed with Passion and they all had fun. Super proud of my little guys and gals. who are 8 years and under. They killed it!! Thank you Seraphine Wingwood and the other Jr. Black belts who helped coach and get they ready for competition. Big shout out to our outstanding officials Izel Castillo, Brandon Buentipo and Justin Marshall you 3 Rocked it. After the last point was scored the team came away with 16 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze. Team was led by Edmond Zhuo and Teresa Lau capturing 3 gold medals each. More work to be done but let's enjoy the moment for today and get back to work on Monday. IKF Boom. The journey continues.

2014 Tournament Results
323 Gold, 158 Silver & 175 Bronze.  15 Outstanding Awards
Fantastic Job!!!!!!!!!! 

2015 Tournament Results 349 Gold, 142 Silver & 121 Bronze. 33 Outstanding Awards
Unbelievable Year!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Tournament Results
304 Gold, 140 Silver & 127 Bronze.  20 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award
Spectacular Year!!!! 

2017 Tournament Results
21Tournaments 327 Gold, 130 Silver & 127 Bronze.  14 Outstanding Awards and $1200 Scholarship Award
Amazing Year!!!!!!

2018 Tournament Results
21 Tournaments 246 Gold, 162 Silver & 145 Bronze.  10 Outstanding Awards and $1800 Scholarship Award 
Awesome Year!!!!!!!

2019 Tournament Results
17 Tournaments 351 Gold, 150 Silver & 154 Bronze.  14 Outstanding Awards and $2200 Scholarship Award
Incredible Year!!!!!!

2020 Tournament Results
This year has been an unprecedented year Covid-19 changed the world.  Many lives were taken due to this virus.  A time for virtual learning.  A time to have Faith and spend more time with FAMILY.  I will forever be grateful for all the students and parents who supported me during these difficult times. God Bless and Love you all!  42 Gold, 13 Silver and 10 Bronze. 
1 Grand Championship.

2021 Tournament Results
This year we were blessed to be able to compete at 5 in person tournaments and 5 international virtual events.  Many of the students were still cautions and decided not to participate but for those who did compete they did Fantastic!  I am so proud of everyone. Our motto "Be Better Than you Were Yesterday" I promise next year we will be better than were this year!!!
This years total 62 gold, 30 silver & 29 bronze and 1 outstanding award.  The IKF Journey continues.