Chief Instructor:

John Limcaco
6th Dan Black Belt

                                                                *Studied under Sensei Chuzo Kotaka, Former All-Japan Champion
                                                             *Began training at age 7
                                                             *Over 50 years of experience
                                                             *Has traveled all over the world as a competitor and as a coach
                                                             *From 1982-- 1991 Ranked #1 Black Belt for the State of Hawaii
                                                             *9 - Time All-Hawaii Kata Champion
                                                             *8 -  Time All-Hawaii Kumite Champion
                                                             *1986 -1995 AAUUSA National Kumite Champion
                                                             *Former USA & AAU Team Member
                                                             *1991 & 1993 Winner of the "Centurion Award" for being the most outstanding
                                                               athlete whose character and achievements represent the best that Karate-Do embodies
                                                             *2005 nominated "Coach of the Year" in recognition of outstanding winning athletes
                                                               in the sport, in school and in the community.  Presented by the AAU/USA Karate National Committee
                                                             *1996 to present AAU/USA National Coach
                                                             *2000 to Present USANKF National Coach - USANKF is the National Governing Body for
                                                               the Sport of Karate Sanction by the US Olympic Committe
                                                              *2022 Inducted into the USA Karate Hall of Fame "National Coach"  
                                                             *Has developed and produced more national and international champions than any
                                                               other karate school in Northern California
                                                             *Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF - National Council on Strength & Fitness)

Senior Instructor
Derrick Fidel

2nd Dan Black Belt
                    • Former AAU and USANKF team member
                    • Received his Black Belt with IKF in 1996
                    • Received his Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu in Okinawa, Japan
                    • Has over 30 years of experience
                    • 1998 WKO World Champion in Kumite

        Senior Instructor
        Gino Bough
                          • Former AAU and USANKF team member
                          • Pan American Medalist
                          • WKO and WKC Kata and Kumite World Champion
                          • Has over 30 years of experience

          Chelcie Limcaco
          2nd Dan Black Belt

          *Former AAU and USA Team Member
          * Pan American Medalist
                   * Over 15 years of Experience

          Izel Castillo
          *AAU and USA Team Member
          *WUKO World Champion
          *WKF World Championships placed 5th
          *Jr. Pan American Medalist